My political philosophy is simple: The U.S. Constitution is a document that was designed to limit the power of the Federal Government, and that, in accordance with the 10th Amendment, any powers not granted to the Federal Government are reserved for the States individually,
or the citizens of the United States. 

Therefore, I am a proponent of forging community-focused, fiscally responsible solutions while minimizing government interference in citizens’ private lives.  I further believe that the future success of our Nation depends upon people of all political ideologies and backgrounds working together to accomplish our common goals, and that divisive politics will only serve to weaken our country.

Fiscally Responsible

  1. Reduce Government Spending; Balance the Budget and Reduce the Deficit
    The United State is currently 20 Trillion dollars ($20,000,000,000,000.00) in debt and excess government spending -- such as the $2.6 trillion spent on war and foreign aid --  harms taxpayers and future generations.  Drew Miller would examine budget expenditures and work to scale back government spending where there is no quantifiable return on investment.  In addition, he would only vote to pass a balanced budget and he would reduce the deficit by voting to limit the amount of money the government could borrow.  
  2. Tax Reform
    There would be no better stimulus than allowing American workers to keep 100% of their paycheck.  Drew Miller supports, and would work to enact, the Fair Tax -- a tax policy that would stimulate the economy instead of burdening the middle class. By implementing a national sales tax, American workers could keep 100% of their paycheck and would not be required to file taxes. 
  3. Job Protection and Creation
    The Oil and Gas Industry supported 10.3 million U.S. jobs and added $1.3 trillion to the nation's economy in 2015.  Here in Pennsylvania, the oil and gas industry supported approximately 322,600 jobs and added $44.4 billion to our State's economy.  As an Energy Attorney with over 7 years in the oil and gas industry, and the only candidate with an energy background, Drew Miller keenly understands how vital oil, gas and coal are to the region and is committed to protecting these industries, while completely eliminating our dependence on foreign oil.

Socially Progressive

  1. Legalize Marijuana
    Thirty states -- including Pennsylvania -- have legalized marijuana in some form.  However, since marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, it is possible Pennsylvania medical marijuana patients could be arrested and placed in jail for treating their illness. Furthermore, Drew Miller believes the federal government is infringing upon the 2nd Amendment rights of medical marijuana users since it is currently illegal for such users to purchase a firearm.  These federal policies are cruel, illogical and violate our Constitutional rights. Legalization is not only a social issue, but an economic one since nationwide legalization of marijuana would create $132 billion in federal tax revenue by 2025. Therefore, Drew Miller would introduce legislation legalizing marijuana on a federal level.

  2. Drug Enforcement Reform and Ending the Opioid Epidemic
    Drew Miller understands that drug abuse -- and in particular, the opioid and heroin epidemic -- is a public health issue, not a criminal one, and that the best way to treat the epidemic is with care and compassion, not incarceration.  Drew Miller would work to implement a system adopted by some European countries which significantly decreased drug-related deaths, HIV infections, drug-related crime and overall use and abuse of narcotics.  Under this proposal, illicit drugs -- aside from marijuana -- would still be illegal, but getting caught with them would result in a referral to a rehabilitation or treatment program rather than jail time and a resulting criminal record.  This will reduce the overcrowding of our prisons, strain on our legal system, and burden to the taxpayers.

  3. Government Surveillance of American Citizens 
    As an attorney, Drew Miller studied Constitutional Law and believes the warrantless surveillance of American citizens by the federal government is unconstitutional.  If elected, Drew Miller will protect our privacy by requiring agencies such as the NSA to obtain a search warrant prior to acquiring any incidental online data of American citizens.