Miller Featured in Pitt Maverick

After Tim Murphy resigned from his 18th U.S Congressional seat in October, three candidates from three different political bents (Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian) are vying for his seat in an upcoming special election.

One of those candidates is Libertarian Drew Miller who spoke to students at the Pitt Libertarians meeting on Wednesday, January 10th.

He began the lecture by saying, “I’m not going to talk poorly about either of the candidates because no one wants to hear that.”

Miller became a libertarian in college, where in one of his political science classes, he took a political spectrum test and scored as a strong libertarian. As he looked into what libertarianism meant he became a libertarian as his views aligned closely with the party, he explained.

When a student asked what he felt was the biggest issue that needed to be addressed, Miller’s response found favor among many of those in the group who cheered after his response.

“The biggest issue that we need to focus on is the legalization of marijuana… I haven’t heard any great argument as to why marijuana should not be made legal”. He went on to talk about how only making medical marijuana could lead to issues as it could keep a person from being able to own a gun.
Another issue that he spent some time discussing is abortion. Miller’s stance is pro-choice — he explained that realistically, pro-choicers are pro-birth. “The best solution is to provide better sex ed in schools and better access to birth control,” he said.

Miller believes lowering the amount of unwanted pregnancies through better sex-ed programs and easier access to birth control would solve the Republicans goals of lowering the abortion rate while still preserving women’s choice on what to do if they become pregnant.

One student asked how Miller felt about President Trump’s proposed wall as a solution to immigration issues. Miller responded that he was against the was as Trump’s wall stands against everything we stand for as a nation. “Everyone in the U.S has some ancestor that came from some other country. We should instead make the process easier for those who want to come to the U.S for a better life.”

One student asked the popular question “who’s your favorite president?” Miller’s response, despite adding that he didn’t want to sound cliche, was George Washington. “If you think about it, George Washington was the only president who couldn’t blame anything he did on a president before him.” Washington also stated in his last address to congress that the parties were getting too powerful and would ruin everything they had worked so hard for, which Miller said is something that is quite apparent to us today when we look at politics.

As the event drew to a conclusion, a student asked, “should hate speech be allowed?” Miller responded, “It is protected under the 1st amendment but you shouldn’t be able to threaten people or a group. However, if you want to say hate speech you should be allowed. If we start censoring people who will be next?”

Miller stayed after the event to talk to individual members of the Pitt Libertarians with some inquiring how to get involved with his campaigning efforts.